April 19, 2020

Lockdown News 5: Easter holidays

Easter holidays were relaxing for us – but hardly for everyone.

Easter breakfast. (Photo: Ingrid)
Easter breakfast. (Photo: Ingrid)

Easter holidays were relaxing for us – but hardly for everyone.

For us – privileged, in our Parisian flat – the Easter holidays were one of the most relaxing we ever had. We made dinner, had a quick stroll through Montparnasse and were generally sitting in the window, reading, writing and enjoying the sun. We even “saw” family and friends in video calls.

On Easter Monday, we followed president Macron’s announcement who announced that the “strict” lockdown will only continue to be lifted on the 11th of May.

Not everyone is as lucky as us. Our baker, while still open, is struggling: Takings are down to 20% of normal. People around here – those who haven’t left for other parts of France – only ever go to the big supermarket, or have switched to delivery entirely. We’re eating a lot of bread, these days.

Those of us riding this out in comfortable flats and houses tend to forget that our life is only possible because others take public transport every day, work in public every day, often for little money and recognition.

People still have to shop. Photo: Daniel People still have to shop. Photo: Daniel

Here’s a small cartoon from Le Monde which centers on an immigrant family (with an autistic daught) in Saint-Denis in the suburbs of Paris and how they deal with the lockdown.

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