The Urban Animals

I started this blog about 4 years ago, mainly to tell about the travel I did with my partner at the time - and because everyone kept asking me about my trips and advice for Japan.

The world has been changing since then, both globally and personally. But I still enjoy the city, I still enjoy food, and going places. So every once in a while I’ll share here what I found, and maybe give you some idea where to go yourself.

In case you have any questions shoot us me an email at, or check out the imprint for other ways to get in touch.

What this is about

I write about things that I have experienced and share discoveries. I’ll show you places whatever I find interesting, and share insights on how I made my travels – or home life – nicer and easier.

Some of the things that I show are widely know, some are random discoveries. No matter what, you’ll always get a personal opinion on things that I’ve have experienced by myself. No star ratings. My opinion is not paid for, and cannot be bought. If there ever is a conflict of interest, I’ll will let you know.

I pay out of pocket for all travel, food and products.