The Urban Animals

We are a couple who enjoys living in, and going to, the cities of the world. We like to share our experiences with people who enjoy the small luxuries in life: Having your own small place in a strange city, being able to cook a meal from the fresh ingredients that you just found or just strolling a city, taking a coffee whenever you please.

We want to tell you about what we found. What was good, and how you can repeat it yourself. If you enjoy that, we’re happy to have you as a guest.

In case you have any questions shoot us an email at, or check out or imprint for other ways to get in touch.

What we do here

We write about things that we have seen and share our discoveries. We’ll show you places and things that we find interesting, and share insights on how we made or travels – or home life – nicer and easier.

Some of the things that we show you are widely know, some are random discoveries of ours. No matter what, you’ll always get our personal opinion on things that we have experienced by ourselves. We don’t do star ratings. Our opinion is not paid for, and cannot be bought. If there ever is a conflict of interest, we will let you know.

We pay out of our own pocket for all travel, food and products.